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The TravelHub Partner API

The TravelHub Partner API (TPA) allows a travel industry partner to access all Worldline payment platforms and 150 payment options via a single and simple API connection. It is designed for partners in the travel industry (such as GDS', CRS', PMS' and more) and travel companies who need to cover different regions globally. Offer your customers the easiest way pay via one single API.

TravelHub transaction routing capabilities help you to increase approval rates by using rules to route the transaction to the best platform and acquirer. The rules can be a combination of variables contained in the transaction request, or the transaction history of that merchant account. By setting up routing rules we help you improve your transaction flow to achieve the highest conversion rate.

API basics

RESTful Service - The API's will be called using HTTP POST requests formatted as JSON.


The following headers are required:

  • Authorization: Basic <credentials that will be provided by the implementation team>
  • Accept-Charset: application/json
  • Content-type: application/json


The API employs basic authentication. Username and password will have to be passed in the header of the request as Base64 encoded value as following: username:password. 

Example where the username is 32486785242 and the password 34568764318. This will give the following string to encode:32486785242:34568764318.

Once base64 encoded, the result that needs to be passed in the header is: MzI0ODY3ODUyNDI6MzQ1Njg3NjQzMTg=

All traffic will be sent using HTTPS using Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 or higher. Lower TLS versions are not considered to be safe enough and therefore not accepted.


There are two environments provided. PreProd is considered to do your development against and validate the integration before going live in production. There will be different credentials for the different environments. This will be provided by the implementation team that supports your integration efforts.

Transaction feedback

For every transaction, or action performed on transactions, we will send out asynchronous feedback via a server to server connection. For this to work properly, we will need to configure your receiving endpoint. To make things secure, we advise to use both basic authentication as well as a security key to ensure data integrity. 

Versioning and updates

The TravelHub uses versioning. So if there are any major changes that are not backwards compatible we will implement a new version. This means that in practice minor changes will not have a new version and your server needs to be able to handle it accordingly. For changes where we expect impact we will notify you. With the redirection flow there is additional security on the GET parameters after the payment was handled. If any new fields are introduced to the redirection to your webserver you will need to be able to take them as they are. Meaning it will be part of the hashing even though you don't use the data itself.

Supported flows

TravelHub Partner API currently supports the following flows. Specific functionality will depend on the payment solution or configuration of the respective account. 

  • 1 Step - Authorization with Automatic Capture
  • 2 Step - Authorization with API Capture Request
  • 2 Step - Authorization with Batch File Capture
  • Online cancellation of authorization
  • Online refunds of payments
  • Offline cancellation of authorization via Batch
  • Offline refund of payment via Batch
  • Card validation (i.e. Zero Dollar validation)
  • Online partial capture
  • Online (multiple) partial refund
  • Offline (multiple) partial capture via Batch
  • Offline (multiple) partial refund via Batch
  • 3D Secure Dynamic Redirection
  • Hosted Payment Page for Alternative Payment Methods and Credit Cards
  • Get List of Valid Payment Methods including dynamic set up.
  • Request Transaction Status

One step payment


Two step payment


Reverse authorisation


Refund payment


3D secure with Worldline MPI

3D Secure with Worldline Provided Merchant Plug In.png

3D secure with other MPI

3D Secure with Partner Implemented Merchant Plug In.png


In addition to regular checkout flows, we also provide with payment links that can be sent to customers. This is used most often in the hospitality where consumers confirm their stay via phone or e-mail. With LinkPlus you can stay PCI compliant and take payments via credit card or other payment solutions your customers are used to pay with.

  • Create LinkPlus Payment Link
  • Resend LinkPlus Payment Link
  • Update LinkPlus Payment Link
  • Get LinkPlus Link Data
  • Cancel LinkPlus Payment Link

Read more about LinkPlus here