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Doing business online requires different needs for different merchants. An airline might have different challenges than a hotel for example would. In order to accommodate all our customers in the airline and hospitality industry, we offer many different solutions and services. Read more below about the basics of integrating to our services.

Basic principles

Payment methods

What payment methods do you want to offer to your clients? Credit cards is globally the most used payment solution, but not everybody owns a credit card. How are you planning to serve those customers then? We offer credit card solutions with local acquiring for best conversion. Next to that we have a strong focus to also offer local payment methods anyone has access to. Whether you are selling tickets or hotel rooms in Asia, Europe or in America, we have the payment solutions your customers need.

Find our payment solutions here >>>

Handle credit card data yourself, or use our hosted payment pages?

Do you want to handle credit card data yourself, or do you want us to take care of that entirely? Any merchant who sells online needs to be compliant with PCI DSS rules. To what extent and in what box your company falls is determined by different factors. One of the major factors is whether you capture card details or fully outsource it to us. What are the differences and benefits for one or the other?

When you host your own payment page
  • Increased PCI DSS scope
  • Requires more security measures
  • Full control of the page behavior and styling
  • User stays in your domain as much as possible
When we host the payment page
  • Decreased PCI DSS scope
  • Requires less security measures
  • Styling options available for the payment pages
  • User is redirected to our payment pages to fulfill payment

Authorisation and capture in 1 or 2 steps?

Credit card payments can be processed in either 1 or in 2 steps. Basically it means that either you go for a direct payment (1 step) or split the authorisation from the capture (2 steps). There are different reasons to chose for one or the other. In case of a hotel who sold a non-refundable room, do you need to split the authorisation or can you go ahead with direct payment instead? In practice we see quite a few airlines splitting the authorisation from the capture. The capture is performed when ticket is fully committed with different partners and the ticket number is known after doing so.

Airline data - Level II and Level III

For credit cards payments typically you don't need to send a lot of information. However, Level II and level III data might be required by the acquirer and/or should actually be of interest as it can reduce transaction rates. Typical data is destination and departure airport, airline carrier, ticket number, tax information and many more. Please check the API specifications to understand more about data fields that you can submit with payment.

Check out the API here >>>